Truly Works of Art

Precise Metal Fabrication for Welding Beds

E&A Custom Welding Beds in Edinburg, Texas, has more than 25 years of experience in metal fabrication and welding beds for trucks. Backed by a two-year warranty on paint and the liner, our fabrication work starts from scratch, and each durable, resilient piece is made by hand. Satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Fully Fabricated Beds

As a custom welding bed company, we handle full fabrications and ship across the US and Canada. Whether you want raw metal, painted metal, or even a Rhino™ lining, we have what you need. Turnaround is approximately three weeks, unless there are significant details that require more time.

Set up an appointment to go over what you want in your project, and how much it will cost. These beds are great for pipeline workers, rig welders, plant welders, and many more. People come to us because of our reputation for quality craftsmanship and artistic ability—the necessary combination to see their vision come to life.

All Warranty Work Must Be Performed in Edinburg, TX. 

Contact our crew to find out more about our expertise in metal fabrication.
Licensed and Bonded

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